Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I purchased a Book or an Ebook?
Step 1: In able for you to buy a book in our website you need to purchase SHR Credits first. Please CLICK HERE or look on BUY CREDITS on the Top Menu. Then choose the amount of Credits you will need. Then click ADD TO CART then scroll down PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and proceed to PAYPAL.

Step 2: After you successfully Top-up your Credits you can start to Browse in our online store and click ADD TO CART in the Ebook or Book that you’ve chosen then scroll down and PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Step 3: Then choose Pay with Credits and click SUBMIT.

Can I purchased a Book even I have no SHR Credits?
Yes you can, however you will need to have atleast minimum amount to checkout which is a Total of P50 in your Cart.

What are the available modes of Payment?
As of the moment we are only accepting PayPal payments. You can also use your Credit or Debit Card if you don’t have PayPal.

What are the available Book formats or Edition?
For Ebooks – it’s on password-protected PDF Formats mobile-ready that you can download and can be viewed using any PDF Reader in your PC, MAC, iPhone iBooks, Android, iPad, Kindle etc.

For On Demand Paperback – our paperback edition are in 5×8 Soft cover Paperback.

The Ebook I purchased is password-protected. What is my password?
The password of the Ebook you purchased is the email address that you used on your BILLING DETAILS upon checkout.

Is the SHR Credits I purchased will be loaded instantly?
Yes it’s instant. If for some reason you didn’t see the changes right away please refresh your page. For instance which never happens yet, if your Credits didn’t go through after payment please contact us right away at shromances@gmail.com

Does my Credits has expiration?
No, credits has no expiration and you can use it anytime you want to purchase in our store.

When will I receive the Paperback edition I ordered?
We are sending the book through LBC and it will be delivered in 3-5 business days or up to 7 days depends on the Shipping you’ve selected.

Do you issue refund?
Yes, we do issue a refund in some circumstances like when you accidentally Top-up Credits. We will not issue refund if the Credits has been used to purchased already in our store.